Remote controlled virus (Rirus)
Remote control your computer viruses to expose corruption
Fight cybercrime with an army of nanoids (microscopic robots)

Choose on what side you would like to play

Each side has its own rules, advantages and disadvantages, which makes Mazenez a unique 2-in-1 game.

Easy to learn, hard to master

The game is easy to learn, but it requires real-time strategy planning and perfect timing to master.

Certified for children

We have made sure that Mazenez is free of violence, vulgar language and pornography.

Push your multi-tasking skills to the limit

Grow your army and see how many units you can control simultaneously in real-time.

Variety of game types

Start a simple mission for a quick casual game or a complex mission which require more strategy.

Improve your education while playing and having fun

Learn how different numeral systems work.

Improve your ranking

Each rank unlocks more mazes, features or abilities to explore.

Enjoy 3D graphics

Depending on your hardware, you can look forward to spectacular animations, HD textures, real-time shadows and lighting effects.